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Here are some answers to a few questions you might have:

I've purchased a full pass previous year, can I use it this year?

If you purchased your pass the previous year and were not able to use it due to unforseen emergency-based circumstance, we will honor you pass the following year, pending a case-by-case review by the event organizer. 


Are there table reservations?

We do not have big tables in the main dance hall during the marathon. We ensure plenty of seating/chairs for dancers and will also have an overflow space for chilling and relaxing.

Can I pay a-la-carte at the door?

Starting in 2024, since we have a new venue, we will have to see if we reach the capacity (250 dancers). After that we will only offer full day passes which will include both, daytime and nighttime milongas. 

What are the current Covid safety requirements for this event?

At this time there are no mandates or restrictions. However, we urge those experiencing cold-like symptoms just prior to or during the event, to take precaution by staying away to minimize the spread. 

What to wear? What to bring?


As always, we have some fun themes for every night of the event: 

1. Thursday night - relaxed tango attire (anything you like)

2. Flash mob - comfortable attire, wear layers and sunscreen. Street-friendly dance shoes are reccomended. 

3. Friday night: Aloha milonga - Hawaiian inspired attire - tropical floral prints

4. Saturday night: White Summer Night - white, cream, taupe, beige tones

5. Sunday night: Sunset milonga - sunset colors: orange, purple, blue, magenta, yellow

6. Daytime milongas - casual tango attire (be comfy and let your hair down). 

7. Beach milonga: anything goesbyo sunscreen, chairs, towels, snacks, water.

Can I bring alcohol in a personal container to the venue?

Our new venue does not have a bar on premises, therefore you may BYO beverage of choice and enjoy it discretely. We also encourage you to bring your own water bottle to minimize plastic waste. 

Will there be any food/refreshments served at the event?

We believe in keeping our dancers happy and well-fueled. Complimentary light snacks, fresh fruit, veggies and pastries will be served throughout the event. 

How can I find other tango friends who might want to share lodging:

Please visit our ROOM & RIDE page and post your request!


Please visit our LODGING page with a list of suggested hotels.  

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send us a NOTE

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